We are your McKenzie Friend. The original idea of the McKenzie Friend was that someone known to the litigant (hence ‘friend’) would provide help and support to the litigant during the hearing. For many litigants in person, the real choice is actually between going themselves when the other side is represented and you are unfamiliar with the Court  Process and being entirely unsupported as lawyers are beyond your means and free supports is not universally available or alternatively you have reduced means to support your case.

In such circumstances McKenzie Fried can assist you in Court  for example, assist you with documents or remind the you quietly of questions to put to witnesses or points to make to the judge in the closing address.

Family clients or other clients who have never faced Court  process, may not litigate out of choice, but are forced by circumstances to fight over hugely important matters, at a time of great emotional stress, in an environment that is quite new and intimidating by other side with complex papers, evidence and Court  deadlines.

Experienced McKenzie Friends can assist the Court  by encouraging litigants to separate emotion from the facts, facilitate cooperation with Court  processes and other parties, help with case papers and so on. At a time when the Court  system is under strain such assistance can be quite beneficial to anyone facing Court  action or to initiate Court  action in any field of Law from experienced McKenzie Friend.

McKenzie Friend can be an alternative preferred choice when the litigant/you want to control yourself over how your case runs and provide emotional support that a McKenzie Friend could offer. Our experienced Professionals McKenzie Friends will guide you through every steps of your case and have a personal support in your own language.

Furthermore our unique referral services will direct you to the most experienced solicitors, direct access barristers desired by you. We are here you to assist you at any time of the day and any time for you.